• Vocal Concert by Ramakrishnan Murthy
  • vocal concert by V Navneetha Krishnan
  • Vocal concert by Dr.Padma Sugavanam
  • Namasankirtanam by Shri.Babu -Hariharapurtrasamaj
  • Modumudi Sudhakar-Vocal Conert
  • 13th Nov 2016- Sujesh Menon
  • Dr. Shertalai K N Ranganatha Sharma’s Concert
  • Violin Duet
  • Priya Sisters
  • Maladi Brothers performing

About Gana Kala

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VISION     : “To Inspire a generation of culture Lovers”. MISSION : “Music and dance are an integral part of our rich heritage and culture. Gana Kala endeavors to pass on this wonderful heirloom to the next generation “. Gana Kala Vidya Nilayam was set up in 1961, to propagate the fine arts in the western […] XeonelCorp

Upcoming Events

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  29 Jan 2017 Sunday 8:00 am Thyagaraja Aaradhana – Pancharatna Kritis by Local Vidwans in association with Ramakrishna Bhajana Sabha  at Ram Mandir – Bangur Nagar, Goregaon West.

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