• Golden Jubilee
  • Sri Sikkil Gurucharan
  • Priya Sisters
  • Violin Duet
  • Sangeetha Swaminathan’s Concert
  • Kalyanapuram S.Aravind’s concert
  • Vidyanandi’s Veena concert
  • Thiruvaiyaru at Goregaon..
  • Upcoming Concert Chertala Ranganatha Sharma 23 Mar 2014


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MILE STONES 1961-2011 Formation: Gana Kala was established under the Societies Registration Act on 18 Nov 1961. The main objectives are: A)  To Promote and foster Fine Arts by conducting music concerts, classes and schools in music, dance, drama  and other connected literature B)  Awarding scholarships, stipends, prizes or other concessions to deserving persons in [...] XeonelCorp

About Gana Kala

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Gana Kala Vidya Nilayam was set up in 1961, to propagate the fine arts in the western suburbs of Mumbai.  It has been a glorious 50 years and the institution now embarks on an ambitious program with a clear strategic roadmap for the future. In order to infuse a new spirit, the institution has revamped [...]

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